Welcome to Our Tattoo School

We will provide you with the knowlwdge to become an indipendent tattoo artist

At our tattoo school in Thailand and Sweden we specialized in providing a master methodology which transforms beginners into budding professionals.

Almost anyone can learn tattooing, but not everyone can become a master. At Our Tattoo Training Centers, our experienced teachers have what it takes to help each aspiring student realize their potential, and transform them into an expert. At our tattoo artist training school we’ve made it our mission to inspire, train, and shape your technique into an unstoppable skillset. Our exceptional tattoo training courses will help you make your mark in on the industry. We work Globally, the Tattoo School has many international sudents. A true immersion experience, no other school can put you this close to the original source of the ancient art form. Our tattoo artist training courses prepare you from the ground up amid The word of tattooing tradition